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Digital Radios

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DAB / DAB+ Digital Radios

With more stations, higher quality sound and greater control, the future of radio really is here.

DAB and DAB+ digital radio gives you access to loads more stations compared with FM transmissions, meaning you can enjoy listening to more of the things you love whether it be for music, sport, news or chat. You'll find that all our digital radios also include FM for any stations that have not yet gone digital and are Digital Tick approved so you can rest assured that you’re ready for any future FM to digital radio switchover.

Internet Radios

Choose from thousands of stations and on-demand content, in hundreds of languages from around the world.

Bringing you over 85,000 radio stations from all around the world, there’s a huge variety of stations available on internet radio, broadcasting virtually every imaginable type of content, in a huge range of languages. With this amount of choice you’re sure to find something you’ll love, and our internet radios are designed to make it easy. Use powerful search and filtering options to help you find just what you’re after and you can save your discoveries as presets so you can find them again easily.

Bluetooth Radios

Listen to radio or stream your favourite music from any app using any Bluetooth compatible device.

Bluetooth radios are there to save the day when the stations aren't playing your favourite tunes or you just want to listen to the same song over and over, we've all been there. Connecting Bluetooth devices to a Bluetooth speaker is simplicity itself – just switch on Bluetooth on your mobile device and select your speaker. Once a Bluetooth connection is made, you’ll hear any sound from your source device you through your Bluetooth speaker. Simple as that.

Portable Radios

Whether you're at the beach, in the garden or cleaning the attic, your favourite stations become your companions with these portable radios.

A stationary radio is good an all, but what about those times where you're going to a place where there's no electric outlets and you absolutely need to catch the game or you just want radio in the background to break the silence? Depending on the model, you'll be able to power our portable radios with either AA batteries or the internal battery.

Alarm Clock Radios

Wake up with your favourite DAB radio station or tone alarm and charge your phone through the night.

Alarm clocks don't have to be your enemy. Let our radio alarm clocks wake you peacefully by fading gently up to your favourite station or alarm tone. Even the most hectic of days can start the right way and with the ability to set multiple alarms you can be sure that your bedside companion will always keep you on time. If you go for the Siesta Rise, you will have a convenient USB port for charging your phone, while the Siesta Charge features a wireless charging pad.

Radio CD Players

More than just a radio, the Evoke C series are all-in-one sound systems delivering excellent audio reproduction with a space saving design.

With multiple ways to listen to your favourite music, the iconic C series is more than just a radio. Our all-in-one music systems combine digital radio, CD player and easy wireless connection to portable devices, giving you a huge choice of listening. The space saving design and beautiful wood finish make for a perfect fit in any home, as well as delivering the best of British sound.