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The Evoke Music System

A music system to celebrate life 

Noisy speakers and old-fashioned design are things of the past. While radio has accompanied us through the day everywhere and at all times for more than 100 years, many devices have hardly evolved. Some smart speakers, it seems, can only be steered by tech-savvy individuals with the voice control technology of software giants. We have rethought entertainment, information and music, i.e. everything that makes up radio, and cast them in three beautiful forms.

Entertainment at breakfast, music at work or news in the evening are part of everyday life for most of us. All this audio content accompanies us through our lives as we pursue our hobbies, enjoy moments with loved ones or work on a project. Listening online via streaming services and Internet radio stations has become as much a part of our lives as digital radio stations and CD collections. To be able to listen to what you want, whenever you want, you need a clever solution that... 

1. is easy to use for everyone.
2. delivers inspiring sound.
3. has a modern design for every living space.

Everyday controls visible at first glance

It's easy to switch to the next song or save a favourite with a flick of the wrist. The most important settings and controls are clearly and immediately visible on the surface of the music system for easy operation.

Foldable display for a more modern look

Information is important, but screen light can be distracting in a relaxed atmosphere. With the foldable display, you can choose whether you want to get station and album information or enjoy the peace and quiet of the music.

Special features hidden under the display

When it's time for a different playlist or the equaliser needs to tune for a round of rock'n'roll, the selection of audio sources, menu settings or even the Bluetooth setup are cleverly hidden under the folding display.

LED ring for easier handling without the screen

When the display is closed, the discreetly illuminated volume control provides feedback for operation. The illumination reacts to a change of volume, a change of song or even the connection of a new Bluetooth device.

A music system that delivers the sound that inspires

The all-rounder

Subtle design that brings the whole package

The Evoke Home is a great alternative to a real hi-fi system and offers more versatility than a smart speaker with its sound and ease of use. The all-in-one music system offers audio content from international radio programmes, podcasts, playlists and CDs in state-of-the-art acoustics. With a speaker output of 100W, this system stunningly complements every home. Via Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, Internet radio, DAB+ and FM, this all-in-one music system delivers powerful stereo sound with high clarity and deep bass.

The versatile one

A player for every occasion

The Evoke Play is a playful and easily portable companion for any occasion, indoors or out. The versatile music system offers a wide range of audio content such as international radio programmes, podcasts and playlists in advanced acoustics. With a speaker power of 40W in stereo sound and a lightness to easily move it from the living room to the terrace or from the bedroom to the kitchen, the Evoke Play invites you to experience music together with your loved ones. Via Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, Internet radio, DAB+ and FM, this versatile music system delivers the right music for every occasion.

The compact one

Perfectly placed sound for the home

The Evoke Spot is a compact and easy-to-place companion for the home. The music system offers a variety of audio content such as international radio programmes, podcasts and playlists in advanced acoustics. With 20W of speaker power and a compact format, the Evoke Spot fits seamlessly into a traditional bookshelf and delivers a compelling listening experience via Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, Internet radio, DAB+ and FM. 

A music system in a modern design for every living space