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ChargePAK Evoke Play

The Evoke Play ChargePAK transforms your Evoke Play music system into the ultimate versatile companion. With 12h of portable listening, the radius of where your Evoke Play music system can accompany you extends from any room in your home to outdoors and beyond.


Full charge ahead

With a fully loaded ChargePAK, your Evoke Play can fulfil all your music needs, no matter where you want to access your favourite tracks. When installed, the ChargePAK adds to the Evoke Play's robust and reliable listening experience of a smart radio the flexibility of a portable music device.  

Extend your listening experience 

Do you want to enjoy the latest release via streaming services from the comfort of a bathtub? Or do you want to listen to a sports game with friends on the terrasse, but there's no power plug in sight? With the Evoke Play ChargePAK, you can add 12 hours of portable listening to your Evoke Play device. The comfortable shape, the pleasant weight and the practical carrying handle of the Evoke Play combined with the ChargePAK transform this versatile music system into the ultimate companion at home.

A push in flexibility

Take 40W of portable and powerful sound with you wherever you want. The ChargePAK will power the Evoke Play's two 20mm soft dome tweeters and a 3.5-inch woofer in entertaining stereo sound for 12 hours non-stop.

Easily equipped

With one-time installation, there is no need for any additional fiddling around. Once fitted, the ChargePAK can be easily charged by simply plugging in your Evoke Play to the power supply. The battery status is visible in the top right corner of the flippable screen. For guidance with the installation process, please refer to this video.

What's in the box

  • ChargePAK
  • User guide
Product Attributes
Manufacturer number:BATTERY PACK PLAY
Product weight:0.23 kilograms