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High-detail digital-quality sound, lots of stations and easy tuning.

DAB+ Radios

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More stations

DAB and DAB+ digital radio gives you access to loads more stations compared with FM transmissions, meaning you can enjoy listening to more of the things you love whether it be for music, sport, news or chat.

You'll find that all our digital radios also include FM for any stations that have not yet gone digital and are Digital Tick approved so you can rest assured that you’re ready for any future FM to digital radio switchover.

Simple to use

Our digital radios are designed to be easy to use. Browse station names alphabetically using the dial and never have to worry about remembering radio frequencies again.

Your favourite stations can also be stored on the quick access presets and clear displays keep you updated with station information, such as track titles or programme names, so you always know what you're listening to.

Stereo quality sound

The shift to digital technology and digital broadcasting means many DAB and DAB+ radio stations are now transmitting in stereo sound.

Take advantage of crystal clear radio listening with one of our digital radios with stereo speakers so you can enjoy your favourite music the way it was meant to sound.

Premium audio engineering

We take sound quality seriously at Pure and have won numerous awards and praise from customers and industry experts alike for the sound quality of our radios.

This winning performance is down to our fantastic in-house hardware, software and audio engineering teams. Based in the UK, these experienced teams use the latest digital technologies, cutting edge design and rigorous testing to give us unique control over the quality and performance of each and every product.