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The digital DAB+ format with crystal-clear sound sans noise or distortion marks a new radio standard for today. As FM frequencies are heavily congested, DAB offers listeners a much wider range of mainstream and niche content. Depending on the display of the device, DAB+ also transmits additional information such as weather charts, song titles and headlines in tandem with the actual broadcast. As more and more stations are adapting, now is the perfect time to move into this modern new world of radio.

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Elan BT3

ELANBT3LinkThe portable DAB/DAB+ digital and FM radio with Bluetooth streaming lets you access your favourite radio stations and playlists anytime, anywhere.

Evoke C-D4

EvokeCD4LinkThis compact music system with DAB/UKW radio, CD player and Bluetooth offers great sound in a beautiful, wooden design.

Move T4

MoveT4LinkThis sleek on-the-go digital radio device with Bluetooth streaming delivers an unbeatable 22 hours of uninterrupted playback when fully charged.

Siesta Home

SiestaHomeLinkA beautiful radio alarm clock that is also an audio system with DAB+/UKW radio, wireless Bluetooth playback and CD functionality.