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Stream music wirelessly from any device

Virtually all mobile devices that you might use to store or play music from now come with Bluetooth built-in, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and computers.

However, listening to music you know and love through the speakers on those devices can often be a real disappointment. Limitations on the size and placement of built-in speakers means that they often suffer from a lack of volume, tone and clarity that can annoy anyone who really cares about music.

Turn your digital radio into a powerful Bluetooth speaker. It's the easy way to enjoy much better sound quality from all your mobile devices, wirelessly from up to 10m (30ft) away.

Unplug and Play

Just pick it up and go. Whether it's via a built-in rechargeable battery or the optional ChargePak, our portable Bluetooth speakers charge automatically whenever they’re connected to the mains so they’re ready for hours and hours of mains free fun whenever you are.

Being small and lightweight they’re also ideal for use all around the house, move from room to room and take them away with you for listening to what you love anywhere.


Simple to Connect

Connecting Bluetooth devices to a Bluetooth speaker is simplicity itself – just switch on Bluetooth on your mobile device and select your speaker. Once a Bluetooth connection is made, you’ll hear any sound from your source device you through your Bluetooth speaker. Simple as that.

Choose either tracks stored locally or streamed from an online service, using any app, no additional software or tricky setup procedures required. Adjust volume on your mobile device or on the speaker and if you’ve connected your mobile phone, some Bluetooth speakers include controls and a microphone to enable you to use then as a great sounding, hands-free speakerphone.