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Wat anderen over ons zeggen
"Qua geluid behoort de radio tot de topklasse van de toestellen die we tot nu toe hebben getest".
"Een slank, compact en stijlvol ontwerp, een goede bouwkwaliteit en een royale reeks lettertype-opties."
"Een compacte, nette en stijlvol ogende luidspreker die in veel kamerstijlen past."
Lizzy17, UK
"Geweldig geluid in een prachtige verpakking."
Steve, Germany
"Het is een mooie, veelzijdige en compacte luidspreker voor thuis".
Surrey, UK
"Een geweldig product dat ik alleen maar kan aanbevelen en nooit meer zou willen missen."
H.H., Germany
Audio van
elke bron.
Wij maken audiotechnologie gebruiksvriendelijk. Ben je op zoek naar een draagbare Bluetooth-luidspreker of wil je gewoon naar de radio luisteren in de beste kwaliteit? Pure biedt stijlvolle alternatieven voor alle vormen van audioplezier.
Internet Radio
CD speler
Alles-in-één muzieksystemen
Onze bestsellers.
Kies uit onze best beoordeelde producten.
  • Evoke Spot, compact muzieksysteem
  • Siesta S6, bedside DAB+ radio
  • Evoke Home, alles-in-één muzieksysteem
  • Evoke Play, veelzijdig muzieksysteem
  • Elan One2, draagbare radio
Waar het
leven gebeurt.
Je favoriete muziek terwijl je ontspant in je nieuwe woonkamer. Of misschien met meer "oomph" buiten op jouw volgende tuinfeest. We hebben voor ieder wat wils.
Over ons
Pure is leider in stijlvolle, heerlijk eenvoudige audioproducten die inspireren tot plezierig luisteren, ongeacht het formaat.

Wij maken apparaten die zijn ontworpen voor dagelijks gebruik en bieden een reeks producten die passen bij verschillende ruimtes in huis en tuin.
Onze missie is om menselijke ervaringen te creëren in een wereld die gedreven wordt door technologie, voortbouwend op onze roemruchte geschiedenis als radiopioniers.

We bereiken dit door middel van een doordacht ontwerp, uitzonderlijke audiokwaliteit en naadloze connectiviteit.

All-in-one music systems, Internet radio, DAB/DAB+ radio, smart radio and Bluetooth radio from PURE London

Pure - we are experts for stylishly designed and simple to use music systems. Whether that’s an internet radio with incorporated DAB and DAB+ technology or an outdoor or smart speaker. With our range of award-winning audio products we are amongst the leaders for digital radios globally.

Our mission is to make complex audio devices and technologies so simple, easy and intuitive that everyone can enjoy listening to their daily audio dose with our devices. Pure pioneered DAB radios in the digital radio industry more than 20 years ago and has built a reputation for timeless, beautiful design, high quality and great sounding audio.

From our state-of-the-art headquarters near London, we aim to unite the world of music and radio with timelessly beautiful designs, unrivalled sound quality and flawless connectivity.

We offer smart radios in the following categories:

Pure premium radios - available online from the manufacturer

Whether you need the right sound to wake up to in the morning or you want to listen to a playlist of your favourite tunes on Spotify or Apple Music over and over again - no problem if you use Bluetooth to connect your smartphone to a Pure radio / speaker! With their clear design language, smart gadgets offer premium sound at the drop of a hat or on the fly - quite literally - and you will find anything from portable outdoor speakers, premium music systems, radio alarms or kitchen radios in our extensive Pure range.

Diversity can be so easy: Do you want to tune in and listen to classic USW or DAB/DAB+ radio? Or do you prefer to dial up your Spotify Connect via Bluetooth - be it from your smartphone, tablet or notebook? Or, easier yet, how about connecting, for instance, your turntable to your Pure radio via AUX for even greater choice?

Our most popular Pure models are:

Premium sound on the fly and on the road - with Pure!

Pure premium internet radio spreads outstanding sound and good mood wherever you need the one or the other. You might want to fall asleep to your favourite tunes, start your day with a pot of coffee and a podcast or put on some kitchen swagger. You might also want to keep up to date with what’s going on in the world. With Pure radio, you can do it all.

The reduced, clear design with its compact measurements conceals lavish sound technology combined with ridiculously easy handling, allowing you to use your internet radio in your living room, your Bluetooth radio in the kitchen, and your very compact radio in the bathroom, while the radio alarm is ideal for the bedroom and the portable radio provides you with sound all around - in your own outdoors space or on the road.

No cable required: Your favourite tunes wherever you want them

Pure Evoke Play is a portable, battery-powered music system that will happily accompany you all day long: From your al-fresco breakfast to a picnic in the park or a barbecue on the sports field - you can use anything from a DAB radio or FM receiver to Spotify Connect or Bluetooth Speaker for your smartphone to prove that the best playlists are yours. And even if they aren’t, the Pure Evoke Play, our compact sound marvel, will play along anyway.

At Pure, we live and breathe our motto “joyful listening” and we want for our customers to feel the same, which is why we have taken our easy-to-use features and wrapped them up in a timeless and simple design.

CDs are forever - a CD player is still worth its money

Not all musical or auditive memories may yet be available via streaming, and this is where Pure Evoke Home comes in, providing you with powerful and modern stereo sound. In addition it boasts a CD drive that is easy to use, so you can focus on reminiscing on the good old times while listening to your favourite albums and singles from back in the day. The Evoke Home will bring any album or single released on CD to life - and just like that you have access to an album that has been out of print for ages and is not available on Spotify but waiting somewhere in the depths of your private collection. We mentioned it before: CDs are forever.

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